March21 , 2023

    Would God Break the Law?


    Christians Denounce Greene’s Call for Christian Nationalism

    Thousands of Christians in the US signed a petition denouncing a lawmaker's call for Christian nationalism.

    Christian Groups Condemn Same-Sex Marriage Bill

    More than 80 Christian groups in the US condemned the bill legalizing same-sex marriage. In a letter signed by 83 faith-based groups, it called the Senate to oppose the said bill which they claim is an attack on people of faith.

    Ukrainian Kids Attend Bible Camps in Hungary

    Ukrainian refugee children have enjoyed Bible camp despite being away from their homeland.

    Bible Distribution Grew Despite Pandemic

    The United Bible Societies (UBS) announced that around 32.6 million copies of the Bible were distributed in 2021, a 5.5% increase compared to the previous year.

    Over 3,000 People Accept Jesus at UK Christian Festival

    Festival Manchester, the largest Christian mission in the North West of England, attracted 65,000 people, with more that 3,000 Brits responding to the call of Christ.


    Much of the country is fed up with mandated quarantines.

    People are struggling with cabin fever and chomping at the bit to break out of their living rooms. Since it’s also an election year and the virus was politically weaponized right out of the gate, any helpful information seems to have melted into this cauldron of suspicion we’re living in these days. Nobody trusts anybody. So, we the people, suspicious of our leaders, have decided to take matters into our own hands and do what we believe is best for us. I can hear them now.

    “Why should I agree with my elected officials? I didn’t vote for ‘em!”

    “They’ve shredded the Constitution!”

    “We must obey God rather than men!”

    Some churches have reopened their doors, while other pastors are more cautious about inviting people back to their campuses. That debate alone gives the Body of Christ one more reason to argue about who is closer to Jesus. That’s the space I’m living in these days, trying to balance faith and prudence, both biblical virtues. (I had hoped that this crisis would force all of us to come together and talk about the actual mission of the Church, but I’m quickly losing my optimism.)

    This week, one of our leaders jokingly said, “I’ve gone from a church of thousands to a church of two, and that one’s about to split!”

    Our self-interests and suspicions keep feeding the age-old spirit of lawlessness, that the Apostle Paul said was already at work 2,000 years ago. (2 Thessalonians 2:7) Turning a deaf ear to people in authority has always been a problem, quite frankly, because we just flat-out have really never liked other people telling us what to do. So the independent streak that runs in all of us is much deeper than one particular crisis.

    This crisis is a big deal, but the virus aside, children have always found ways to disobey their parents. Spouses still struggle to love each other unconditionally. Students still don’t want to do their homework, and athletes still argue with referees. This is not just a one-off global crisis we’re talking about. But it most certainly has exposed the human heart for what it is (for the umpteenth time).

    To better understand what the Bible actually contributes to this discussion, of whether or not it’s okay to break the law, we need to back up the bus to the beginning. (And, when I say “the beginning,” I really mean it.)

    1. God created structures.

    It took God exactly three verses to introduce us to His career as an engineer. He began the Creation narrative by establishing one of the most fundamental laws of the Cosmos. “Let there be light.” He didn’t start with light so He’d be able to see whatever He decided to do next. (I have to believe God can see in the dark.) By introducing light, He engineered a Cosmic structure. He built a mathematical box of light, inside of which the Universe would be contained. In doing so, He declared that, at least inside this Universe, nothing would travel faster than light. That was the first indication that the God who created us was a structural engineer at heart.

    2. His structures are designed to encourage healthy relationships.

    God created marriage, which you’ll notice has structure, complete with boundaries, function, and purpose. All of that to help a husband and a wife nurture a healthy growing relationship.

    God designed a family structure, inside of which loving relationships can be enjoyed and modeled.

    He engineered a structure for civil government. The legal blueprint outlined in the Pentateuch, what we typically call the Mosaic Law, encouraged mutual respect and civil interaction.

    And then Jesus built a Church structure, to keep us all focused on the importance of all the other structures!

    As you make your way through both Testaments, you’ll notice there are a ton of passages encouraging us to value marriage, the family, and the civil structures God created. God wants to give us every opportunity to enjoy healthy relationships, both with Him and the people around us.

    Unfortunately, an awful lot of people choose to ignore the structures God designed. Some couples cohabitate without entering into the covenantal structure of marriage. Others try to be a family without living in submission to one another. Perhaps we all find it easy to ignore at least some of the boundaries of civil law. But, when we rebel against God-designed structures, we compromise God-given relationships.

    Throughout history, while Jesus has built His Church, Satan has worked hard to dismantle God-ordained structures. Both strategies seem to be working pretty well. The Gospel continues to march forward as it is shared virally, primarily through close healthy relationships. On a parallel track, the spirit of lawlessness that corrupts the structures of marriage, family, and the rule of law. “Who cares what my parents think, or what my spouse thinks, or what my pastor thinks, or what our governmental leaders want. I still just want what I want!” Narcissism has always been a threat to relationships.

    Government is structural. In fact, you could call it the skeleton of society. A skeleton is important because it provides framework for what the body requires for organic function. While there’s no doubt a skeleton is important, it was designed to support what is even more important. Society’s problem is seldom skeletal, it’s cardiac. Society has a heart problem, not a government problem. That is why the focus of the First Century Church was not the overthrow of the Roman Empire. Remember, the Caesars could be a brutal lot, and there were no options for even peaceful public protest.

    Interestingly enough, that’s why the Jewish people ignored Jesus’ considerable credentials as their Messiah. They were looking for a Messiah Who would attack the skeleton, someone who would go after Rome. But Jesus came to save lost people. His Kingdom was one of the heart, one He could hang on most any frame.

    3. Healthy relationships provide a platform to fulfill His purpose.

    Our challenge as world-changers, then, is to make choices that best build relationships with people, including those in places of authority. The Bible is clear—submission is a powerful evangelism strategy.

    If God needed a certain form of government to make disciples effectively, we wouldn’t see the Church grow where government oppresses people of faith. But, not only does it grow in those environments, they are among the regions where Christianity is growing fastest. So, it’s fair to say that Christianity is government neutral. But that doesn’t mean that Christians should be neutral about government. It just means that we do not need a certain type of government to function effectively. We are called on to submit to governing authorities, in whatever form they exist. There is no Christian form of government this side of the Millennial reign of Christ, which, by the way, won’t even be a democracy.

    The goal of the enemy is not to give you a bad governmental structure. Satan knows how the game is played. He wants to remove governmental structure altogether, or any other kind of authority, for that matter. Christianity can flourish as well with bad authority as it does with good authority (often, even better). The goal of the enemy is to makes us suspicious or otherwise dissatisfied with any authority, so to crown ourselves the highest level of authority in our lives. By the way, that’s what we call anarchy, when everyone does what is right in their own eyes. One of the darkest seasons in biblical history was during the days of the Judges, and for exactly that reason. “Everyone did as they saw fit.” (17:6)

    Be grateful for God’s engineering skills. We complain about a lot of things we should actually be quite thankful for, like