November27 , 2022

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    Violet Mosse-Brown, a 117-year-old Jamaican, has now been declared the world’s oldest living human.

     She cites her faith in God as her secret to her long life.

    Affectionately called Aunt V., she was born on March 10, 1900 in Duanvale in Northwest Jamaica. She cites her faith in God as her secret to her long life, CBN News reports.

    Aunt V. was baptized when she was 13 years old in the Trittonville Baptist Church in the Duanvale district of Trelawny. She worships at the same parish where Olympic gold medal sprinter Usain Bolt is from.

    “I feel good, I feel happy to be the oldest person (in the world),” she told the Jamaica Observer. “I did not feel I would become the oldest person, I feel I would pass long ago. Thank God for whatever He has given to me.”

    Aunt V. is an active member of the church. Since her baptism 104 years ago, she has served in various ministries, doing nearly everything in church.

    “I spent all my time in the church. From a child right up,” she said with pride.

    “I spent all my time in the church. From a child right up,” she said with pride.

    The supercentenarian was honored by a group of Baptist churches in Jamaica. According to The Jamaica Baptist Reporter, “The guest of honor was lauded and cited as a person of exemplary character and an ardent, dedicated and faithful servant of God, who served her church for more than 80 years in varying capacities.”

    Aunt V lives with her eldest child, Harold Fairweather, 96, who is said to be the world’s oldest person living with a parent.

    In addition to her unwavering faith, Aunt V. reveals that working hard and eating healthy contributed to her long life. She eats everything except pork and chicken. Amazingly at her age, she is not suffering from any ailment, and she admits that she is healthier than her five children.

    “I have six children, one died. Five alive, but them all sick. Them sick more than me,” she said laughingly.

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