October3 , 2022

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    1. Summer 17′ at Vous Church

    In my search for the right church, like many people, took to the internet and reviews. One church that stood out was Vous Church in Wynwood area of Miami.

    I am a writer so the fact it was located in the “mecca”of creatives and artist also appealed to me.

    So  decided to visit.

    Vous Church staff and members are really welcoming. Just the amount of parking and how each service is organized is very impressive. Making it less stressful and makes for an awesome overall worship experience.

    1. From regular church goers, to first time visitors we were all there with the same intent. To get to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    Then “showtime” came! Lights dim and then the beautiful music begins. A rock band-esque style of Christian singers (mostly alternative rock Christian music) comes out and leads the crowd as we sing to the Lord.

    The Holy Spirit is there.

    Pastor Rich and Dawn Chere’ Wilkerson brought the house down that first time and as continued to go I saw that was just what they always do!

    They are a couple of lovebirds who share a love for Christ and through their hard work and dedication, they are able to lead and pastor quite effectively together.

    They are amazing relating hope and love from all kinds of people and Vous Church surely reflects that. Tatted people, white or black, diversity thrives in that house of worship.

    Although it wasn’t always easy. From what I hear Pastor Rich started the church in his apartment. To know standing before a large crowd who sometimes pack up a whole auditorium and additional seating area.

    Pastor Rich is very insightful and often adds humor with interesting day to day life stories. Sharing his testimony about how God works in his life. One sermon that stood out was about David.

    I was reading Psalms at the time and also thought David was a tad “moody”. With lows that have him crying to the Lord and highs that are usually turned into songs. All the while asking God to avenge on his behalf. Oh that David!!!

    Pastor Rich emphasized that instead of seeing things as an obligation, we must embrace our task as opportunities. Not burdensome task but a chance at getting it right. Which to me applied to many things going on in my life especially with writing.

    Dawn Chere’ adds a woman’s perspective. With her sweet and beautiful words she chimes in relating strength for the “sisterhood”. A true virtuous woman, with class and style! Her voice is cute and she can preach to me anytime. I enjoy her sermons and often hear them at home.

    Additional Resources:

    Childrens Church

    Yes! A good option for those who have kids. Like myself. I was able to register and drop off my daughter safely and was given a security sticker so make sure you have it for pickup!!!

    Growth track

    The growth track at Vous Church consist of four steps that can equip you through guidance on how to follow Jesus and accept him as Lord and Savior.

    Vous Crew

    Through Vous Crew you are encouraged to meet other church members at select locations. You can register online and join in to chilax with regular church members through light-hearted conversations about life. Although I encourage you to visit the church first and get the feel for it then join the fun!!!


    Overall I give Vous Church 5 stars in my “awesome church worship scale”. It’s great to visit church on a beautiful Sunday morning or afternoon to commune with the Lord. It is also very great if you have children to instill in them very early, the love and hope that is in Jesus Christ.

    This church meets on Sundays:


    iTech Auditorium
    6101 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    10:00 AM
    12:15 PM
    6:00 PM


    Jose De Diego Middle School
    3100 NW 5 Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    11:00 AM
    1:00 PM

    Please visit their website.