December4 , 2022

    UK Christians: Climate Change is More Important than Brexit —Poll


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    Most Christians in the UK believe that climate change is a more pressing issue than Brexit, a poll commissioned by Christian Aid suggests.

    The survey showed that 73% of Christian respondents said climate change is more important than the country leaving the European Union in October. More than half, or 65%, said the government does not do enough to prioritize climate change, reports Premier.

    It is clear that beyond the present political turmoil, UK adults know there is a bigger crisis which is potentially catastrophic for the whole of humanity. —Laura Taylor, director for advocacy for Christian Aid

    “It is clear that beyond the present political turmoil, UK adults know there is a bigger crisis which is potentially catastrophic for the whole of humanity – particularly some of the world’s poorest people, who are more vulnerable to the effects of this climate emergency,” said Laura Taylor, director for advocacy for Christian Aid.

    Two-thirds of the 2,072 people surveyed online by ComRes agreed that the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, should prioritize climate change as he holds his new office.

    “I hope the Prime Minister will hear the challenge from the majority of the UK public to do more to tackle this climate emergency,” Taylor pointed out. “The UK public is waking up to the devastating effects of the climate emergency, it’s time the UK Government did so too.”

    Met Office, UK’s national weather service, said the 10 hottest years in the UK occurred since 2002, reports The Guardian.

    “Not only is the UK getting warmer, but also wetter, with 13% more summer rain compared to last century. With global emissions of greenhouse gases on the rise, the UK will continue to get warmer and wetter as global warming accelerates,” warned Dr. Michael Byrne from the University of St. Andrews.

    The UK experienced a heat wave last summer, which experts believe to be the effect of climate change.

    Dr. Katherine Kramer, the global climate lead at Christian Aid, said the scientific data says it all that the climate change is an urgent crisis the government must face soon.

    “While these hottest years have made life uncomfortable in parts of the UK, just imagine what it’s like for people in even hotter places in the global south, often forced to work outside without access to air conditioning or even shelter,” she added.