December4 , 2022

    There is a season for everything….a time to rejoice!


    Count Your Blessings Daily, Not Just Once a Year

    I heard about a family seated around their table looking at the beautiful golden-brown turkey. Dressing and gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, various vegetables, and casseroles complemented the turkey. From the oldest to the youngest, they went around and expressed their praise.

    Christians Denounce Greene’s Call for Christian Nationalism

    Thousands of Christians in the US signed a petition denouncing a lawmaker's call for Christian nationalism.

    Want to Live Longer?

    A study reported by The Washington Post notes people with the highest level of optimism live between 11 and 15 percent longer than those with a less optimistic perspective.

    Christian Groups Condemn Same-Sex Marriage Bill

    More than 80 Christian groups in the US condemned the bill legalizing same-sex marriage. In a letter signed by 83 faith-based groups, it called the Senate to oppose the said bill which they claim is an attack on people of faith.

    Ukrainian Kids Attend Bible Camps in Hungary

    Ukrainian refugee children have enjoyed Bible camp despite being away from their homeland.


    If anything Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 teaches is that there is a season for everything. Life gets tough sometimes and that has the tendency to distract us from the “narrow path” that is serving and walking in Jesus Christ. Sometimes life gets difficult and complicated with bills to pay, rent or mortgage and if you have children, keeping the home and raising a family. Even marriage has its obstacles.

    Yet Ecclesiastes teaches that things will ultimately get better, that the will of God is to take care of his children. To meet our needs spiritually, mentally and physically. God cares for us and wants the best yet our anxiety for what’s to come gets in the way.

    Ecclesiastes especially 3:1-8 explains that like there are good days there will be bad ones. Like there will be moments of prosperity there can also be famine. What I learned from reading this beautiful scripture is that the Lord is just and righteous. He puts us through trials, will allow things to happen to sharpen our resilience he embedded within us. That hope within us that wakes us up everyday trying to be better parents, sisters, friends and a follower of Christ.

    A time to weep and a time to laugh……At times “to laugh”  is scarier than “to weep”. I try to work hard at embracing and living the moment yet I can’t help but think of the next time to weep. I know about weeping trust me…. I know! Yet the holy spirit assures me I am not alone in my weeping. That in all the situations good or bad Jesus is right there celebrating or comforting me. That the future may be uncertain but we have a father who has been there forever, with the same intent, same characteristics not fickle as we sometimes are. That we have a redeemer in Christ who empathizes with us in those moments.

    Especially those helpless moments when we find ourselves in situations we cannot control such as losing a loved one, going through a tough divorce, unruly children or loss of financial stability. We ponder and ponder often begging and pleading to God. Our soul screeches with sorrow at that unworthiness we feel when helpless. Especially when we know we are doing right by God.

    I am here to testify that the Lord is faithful and that he will never give you what you cannot bear. He is all knowing and at the end you’ll simply smile at your prayers being answered when you least expect it. A secret joke between you and the Lord. Just like Sarai laughed at the angel of the Lord when he reassured her she will bare a child even at her old age. The same smile she probably had in her face as she held her promise in her arms after she gave birth to her first and only son Issac.

    See there is a season a time for everything and in our generation there is a season of labor we must do before the Lord comes. Either being involved in church, testifying, giving out spiritual resources or doing the bare minimum, simply smiling at your brethren and saying good morning. We are called to bare witness that there is a redeemer who truly cares about what we want. who cares our about our basic needs or biggest dreams and desires.

    Fear of the Lord is what Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 taught me. That the spirit of God moves