March23 , 2023

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    Christian artists, just like secular artists, rely on social media to gain platform and reach listeners from all over the world, many with original songs or performing covers. Jeffrin John is an up and coming Christian artist who is also in the social media loop.

    A singer, musician and songwriter (2012-present), Jeffrin’s home is in Nashville, but he is of Indian descent. He started his musical journey by setting his own YouTube channel and has also been given the chance to perform live in concerts. He has been recognized with several awards and in various competitions. Though his talents are varied (vocal, piano, guitar as well as mixing and mastering) his mission is focused: to convey the message of Christ through his music and praise.

    His first single “Victory” is available on all streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and Tidal as of 9/10/2019. He also performs covers of popular Christian songs on Instagram and has a good following. He awaits more opportunities to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through his music and performances.

    I had the chance to ask a few questions so we can get to know him a little better.

    What motivates you to sing to God?

    “Songs of God give me the power to lament and lead others closer to God. Through my music and singing I can express my love for God and to the church I belong to. I believe that singing unites people and helps me love and care for others”.

    What is your favorite book in the bible?

    The book of Romans as it talks more about God, sin, judgement, faith, grace and Christian hope.

    Who would you say is your hero in your life?

    My Lord and savior Jesus Christ. With him I am a hero, without him I am a zero”.

    As a young artist what do you feel your music offers other young believers?

    “Christian music has a completely different effect on my mind and emotions. This means that it can literally change the spiritual atmosphere of the houses we live in or in the cars we drive. The church we sing in and connecting others and I to God. My music uplifts the mind, emotions and energy levels in others who have gone through a rough patch in their lives or are feeling down. It also helps to release mental and emotional stress”.

    This is how you can find him:

    Songs of Praise: is a series dedicated to the artists out there making music, in diverse genres for the Lord. Those who use their talents in music to glorify Jesus and carry their testimonies in lyrics that create awareness about how fulfilling it is to have God in their life. They are on the rise so check them out!