March23 , 2023

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    A Letter from Pastor Todd to his Congregation at Christ Fellowship Church

    “Yesterday an article in the Palm Beach Post surfaced with misinformation. We wanted to take a moment to correct some of the misunderstanding surrounding this article. On Tuesday, Pastor Tom was invited to attend an “informational meeting” with Donald Trump and Christian leaders from across the country. Those in attendance were able to voice the issues that concern evangelical Christians. At the conclusion of the meeting, those in attendance were invited to be on a “Evangelical Executive Advisory Board” for Mr. Trump.

    Although some in attendance immediately accepted the invitation, Pastor Tom did not – but decided to take some time to pray about this invitation. As stated in the article, this invitation to serve on this board is not an endorsement of Donald Trump, his views or his candidacy for President. The Trump Campaign released the names of the people who had been invited to serve – not those who have accepted the invitation. As a leading church in our nation, there are many times we are invited to bring God’s truth into various areas of leadership. Whenever this occurs we view it as an opportunity to influence leaders – not a political statement.

    At Christ Fellowship we believe the hope for our nation – and the hope for the world – is Jesus, not a political party or presidential candidate. We do encourage everyone to seek the Scriptures and support candidates on every level of government that best align with the teachings from God’s Word.

    We are entering a heated political season in our nation. But Jesus said in Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.” In a season that can bring division, it is the church’s responsibility to model unity.  At Christ Fellowship we are a beautifully diverse church from all different backgrounds. Let me challenge you to honor Christ by the words you speak (and type) about brothers and sisters who hold different views. Let’s pray for God’s continued blessing over our nation.”

    Todd Mullins, Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship Church