November27 , 2022

    Mylee’s Missions will touch your heart


    Christians Denounce Greene’s Call for Christian Nationalism

    Thousands of Christians in the US signed a petition denouncing a lawmaker's call for Christian nationalism.

    Christian Groups Condemn Same-Sex Marriage Bill

    More than 80 Christian groups in the US condemned the bill legalizing same-sex marriage. In a letter signed by 83 faith-based groups, it called the Senate to oppose the said bill which they claim is an attack on people of faith.

    Ukrainian Kids Attend Bible Camps in Hungary

    Ukrainian refugee children have enjoyed Bible camp despite being away from their homeland.

    Bible Distribution Grew Despite Pandemic

    The United Bible Societies (UBS) announced that around 32.6 million copies of the Bible were distributed in 2021, a 5.5% increase compared to the previous year.

    Over 3,000 People Accept Jesus at UK Christian Festival

    Festival Manchester, the largest Christian mission in the North West of England, attracted 65,000 people, with more that 3,000 Brits responding to the call of Christ.


    Little Mylee blesses kids and families she doesn’t know. One day, she will hopefully get to meet them.

    He had the vision to do something bigger in her name,” Miles said. “That’s when it was revealed to him to start a Christmas program for the children of the area.

    The daughter of Miles Lee and Ashley Ferguson went to be with the Lord when she was only 45 days old. Her death was clouded at the time when her father was charged in her death. After an exhausting and emotional trial in Myrtle Beach, N.C., he was found not guilty.

    Me and Miles at church.

    Since then, her memory is alive and well in Portsmouth, Ohio, especially each December.

    Mylee’s grandfather, also named Miles, goes to church with me, and he told me the story of Mylee’s Missions.

    After his children were older, Miles said he felt the need to provide Christmas for other less fortunate families. “I asked the Lord to show us a family we could bless, and we have done that each year.” This set an example for his son.

    After Mylee’s death in August 2007, her daddy felt the need to provide Christmas for more than one family.

    How about an entire community?

    “He had the vision to do something bigger in her name,” Miles said. “That’s when it was revealed to him to start a Christmas program for the children of the area.”

    The only problem – he didn’t know where to begin.

    “We didn’t have any idea of how to start this,” Miles said. “It just sort of came together the first year, and it has picked up steam.”

    I’d say it rather snowballed. Mylee’s Missions is an enormously large and impressive ministry.

    Decorations in the gym

    In the seven years of existence, the event has helped more than 4,030 children and nearly 2,000 adults, Miles said.

    There are more than 130 volunteers who make this happen each year along with about 20 area churches.

    “He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor.” Proverbs 22:9

    Angie and I have volunteered at this wonderful pre-Christmas undertaking, and it is nothing less than a giant blessing wrapped up in love.

    Miles Lee presenting the gospel.

    Visitors are first taken to a church where they hear the story of Christ from Miles Lee. Each person is presented the Gospel, and many have accepted the invitation. There are people who volunteer in prayer rooms to assist. Families also get to pose for a family photo they receive at the end of their visit.

    After that, they are led across the street to the former Portsmouth High School gymnasium, which is transformed into a beautiful Christmas winter wonderland for the occasion. There are crafts for children along with Christmas carols and of course, presents. Dozens of Christmas trees light up the gym.

    “For many, this is the only Christmas they will have,” Miles said.

    “The woman was overcome with tears of joy. She didn’t ask for it, but she received a wonderful Christmas tree.”  Miles Ferguson

    Through tons of donations, every child receives a sweatshirt and coat along with a present and a goody bag. Adults are given a blessing box, groceries and a ham for Christmas dinner.

    Just a few of the gifts for children.

    Miles told me one year a mother came through and commented how beautiful the trees were to a worker named Teresa. She told her they enjoyed seeing the decorated trees because they were not going to be able to have one that year. Teresa told the mother to pick out a tree, and she would make sure it was delivered to her home along with the decorations.

    “The woman was overcome with tears of joy,” he said. “She didn’t ask for it, but she received a wonderful Christmas tree.”

    The cloud which initially hovered over little Mylee’s death has since given way to glorious sunshine. The joy her memory brings to families is the very essence of Christmas.

    What a tremendous impact this event has on the community.

    I remember one year, I was in charge of crowd control. Toward the end of the day, the line was getting short, just like the gifts and food inside. One woman approached me and said she was in line hoping to get a ham to cook for her family. That’s all she wanted. She didn’t want any gifts or a handout. In fact, she whispered it to me because she felt embarrassed. I couldn’t make her any promises but secretly got word to Tom, who was in charge of dispensing the hams.