March27 , 2023

    God is Moving in Special Nation


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    During the usual midweek worship service, a gentleman named Dave stood up in front of a group of committed parents, faithful buddies, and precious individuals who have special needs, collectively called Special Nation, to encourage them all with a prophetic message that the Lord had impressed upon his heart.

    “I know the challenges, obstacles, and frustrations you face. You have shown great patience and endurance. You will receive your just rewards. David, a warrior, defeated Goliath. Israelite soldiers—they charged into battle. Warriors made the breakthroughs; soldiers—they followed. You are warriors in the natural and the spiritual in the battle against autism. You are making and will continue to make breakthroughs. You are accumulating soldiers who will help you in this fight. You will be blessed and be a blessing to those who join you in the battle. You will inspire many inside and outside of the autism spectrum. You are a shining light. Keep pressing forward my faithful and loving servants.”

    As I drove down Roscoe Road on Wednesday afternoon last week, the beauty of the area struck me. Surprising, not because the area doesn’t warrant it, but rather because I drive down Roscoe Road pretty often and it never loses a bit of its allure. The graceful intracoastal waterway on the west side of the road, glistened on top by the faithful sun, the natural beauty of the majestic oak trees, accentuated with the interspersion of delicate pines and palms, osprey nests, breezes…it’s not a bad place to have church.

    Dave sharing his prophetic message with the group. Amy Groshell, the spiritual director, is on the right.

    Redeemer Church sits on the east side of the road, opposite the water. It’s a large building, with a sprawling parking lot and a few portable buildings out front. Inside the church are the usual findings (with the exception of a cafe, which is still somewhat novelty)—a tastefully lit sanctuary, gathering areas, and lots of side rooms. Each month, one such room, used primarily for youth activities, becomes the site of Second Sunday Special Praise—a no-hush,