November27 , 2022

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    Make way and prepare for our Lord and Savior at the Infinite Energy Center this Christmas season.

    Renowned Christian bands, for KING & COUNTRY and Casting Crowns, will take the stage as they perform, “A Glorious Christmas Tour,” in Atlanta, Georgia on Dec. 17, 2017 at 7:00 pm.

    With 13 concerts ranging from their first performance in Austin, TX, to their final show in Atlanta, GA, both bands are thrilled to perform together for one cause as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

    “To us, the holiday season is the most magical time of the year, celebrating the most beautiful attributes of humanity – family, gift giving and God descending to earth as a baby boy,” said for KING & COUNTRY’s Joel and Luke Smallbone. “It’s ours and Casting Crowns’ hope that these 13 concerts, spanning across the USA, will help usher in for us all… a truly Glorious Christmas.”

    For KING & COUNTRY and Casting Crowns spent many weeks preparing for “A Glorious Christmas Tour,” both prayerfully and through many rehearsals.

    As “A Glorious Christmas Tour,” approaches, Joel of for KING & COUNTRY is excited for two reasons.

    “The synergy of the artists coming out is very exciting,” Joel of for KING & COUNTRY told Atlanta Christian Voice. “[Christmas] is the greatest holiday and culmination of the year and it’s the greatest miracle the world has ever known. It puts a magnifying glass on what the true meaning of Christmas is. Everything in the night will be pointed to God coming to earth as a human.”

    “I feel as though the audience will take away a sense of deep joy from the night as a whole,” Joel of for KING & COUNTRY told Atlanta Christian Voice.

    One of the songs that for KING & COUNTRY will perform is, “Little Drummer Boy.” Joel is excited about performing this song due to the strong musical aspect that this song will share with the audience as the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is put on display for their audience.

    “We’ve written a few Christmas songs, including, “Little Drummer Boy,” Joel of for KING & COUNTRY said. “We’ve really made rhythm a part of the show. That seems perfectly designed that “Little Drummer Boy,” would be a part of the show.”

    Casting Crowns lead singer, Mark Hall, believes that “A Glorious Christmas Tour,” will allow the world to pause and remember the birth of our Lord and Savior.

    (From Left to Right): Casting Crowns: Brian Scoggin, Melodee DeVevo. Josh Mix, Mark Hall, Chris Huffman, Juan DeVevo, and Megan Garrett.

    It is altogether humbling for Hall as Casting Crowns and for KING & COUNTRY perform together for these reasons.

    “Christmas has become clouded with so many different distractions that it’s easy for us to forget to stop and take time to think about the true meaning – how God saved the world throu