November27 , 2022

    Faith-inspired Sneakers Launched in Singapore


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    Neon Apostle, the first footwear company in the world to combine functionality, faith and footwear, was launched in Singapore, Business Insider reports.

    Kenneth Yu, founder of Neon Apostle, said he was inspired by NBA superstar’s Stephen Curry’s way of personalizing his sneakers with Bible verses. “I came to realize that Christian-themed shoes are a valid expression of my faith. That was the spark that nudged me towards starting this faith-based streetwear brand for the millennial segment of Christianity,” he said.

    Neon Apostle offers 11 Christian-themed shoes and people gave a positive response to the combination of modern design and traditional Christian motifs. Bible verse, cross, and blood of Jesus are some of the symbols used in the designs of the high top shoes.

    “Neon Apostle has definitely tapped into a zeitgeist for this current generation who are increasingly integrating their everyday faith into every aspect of their lives,” Yu added.

    A 2016 survey found out that it is important for young adults to express their individuality. The Singaporean-based e-commerce company is tapping into this market by producing only 199 pairs of each designer-style shoes to make the footwear exclusive.

    Yu is a Christian who loves his sneakers. Merging his two passions may be unusual at first, but it worked for Neon Apostle. He revealed that his company aims to find other beautiful ways of expressing faith. “The Christian faith has rich artistic history and stunning symbols,” he explained.

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