November27 , 2022

    “Extraordinary” Movie – One Night Event, September 7


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    Encapsulated inside the blood of every man is a desire to run. We are conforming to our nature when we push ourselves past established boundaries. We must run far, and we must run hard. Whether we’re running a spiritual race, running in the corporate world, or on pavement, we are born to run. Liberty University professor Dr. David Horton assuredly received that memo. Extraordinary is his tale, how he ran far and hard. It’s also the tale of his wife, who ran just as far… and just as hard.

    Dr. David Horton, played by Leland Klassen, possesses a genuine belief that his students can achieve any goal they may have, and he is determined to set the example. Enduring an open heart surgery and extensive knee damage is not enough to hold David back from this unyielding pursuit to run. Despite the pessimism of his doctor, David follows his heart and sets his sights on the daunting Trans Am Foot Race—a nearly 3,000 mile trek stretching from California to New York.

    There’s only one problem—David’s wife Nancy, played by Shari Rigby, feels like she and the kids are getting the shaft. Sure, she’s proud of all that her husband has accomplished, but the toll it has taken on the family unit has reached its limit. When asked to choose between her or running, David refuses to answer. The movie carries us on a journey of sacrifice, repentance and perseverance, played out through the give-and-take relationship of this conflicted yet devoted couple, each of them trying to stay true to their heart and to God.

    “He’s run enough miles to circle the earth four and a half times.”

    With breathtaking panorama shot at iconic locations across the country, including Mt. Rushmore, the Nevada desert and the Hoover Dam to name a few, the cinematic craftsmanship of Extraordinary is top-notch—a remarkable testament to Liberty University’s film students, who created and produced the film.

    Extraordinary does not fail to entertain—it is inspiring and heartwarming, as well as challenging. Some scenes will give you a good laugh, while others will cause you to pause and reflect on the loyalties of your own heart. Above all, Extraordinary shows us what it means to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and pioneer of our faith” (Hebrews 12:1-2).

    Bold City Voice recently had the privilege of speaking with the writer/director Scotty Curlee. Here is what he had to say.

    Bold City Voice: What is the film Extraordinary about?

    Scotty Curlee: It’s about career professor David Horton, who’s been serving as a professor at the largest Christian university in the world, Liberty University, 39 yrs now. What’s interesting about this gentleman is that he’s run enough miles to circle the earth four and a half times.

    BCV: Oh my gosh! I don’t know how that’s humanly possible, but apparently it is.

    SC: We pick up the story when he asked his wife if he could take on one more adventure- he wants to run across the United States to inspire his students, to show them they can accomplish anything they put their hearts and minds to.

    BCV: Wow! That’s quite an example to show the students. I think if they see that they would be inspired to do pretty much anything that’s in their hearts.

    SC: Absolutely. Yeah, and what we found interesting was that as we dug deeper into the story, we got all that about him being an inspirational professor and runner plus we got the marriage aspect as well. You know, what we realized is that there is this incredible person who’s been standing beside him this entire time—his wife Nancy.

    BCV: Yeah I remember that in the movie, when he said she was the one who was extraordinary, and that she was the real hero to him.

    SC: Exactly.

    “Your legacy is your investment in others and your family. That’s what matters.”

    BCV: Well awesome. Did you want to speak any more about the premise or should I go on?

    SC: Yeah, I think as far as important storylines… and what Dave learned along the journey, is that you really need to have your identity in Christ, right? Because we as men oftentimes put our self worth into what we do—our careers. In Dave’s case it’s running, but for a lot of us men it’s getting that next promotion, moving up that career ladder. And when we put our identities into anything else we end up having a roller coaster ride. So that’s one of the things that’s discussed in the movie. And then just focusing on how important it is t