December4 , 2022

    Chinese Children Banned from Church


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    In another move to suppress Christianity, China has prohibited children from entering the church. Four regional governments of the Communist country issued notices of the ban, UCA News reports.

    Chinese authorities also warned of investigations of government-approved churches and underground Christian groups should they violate the edict.

    The school district of Yonglin in Wenzhou advised all its schools that, “An emergency notice from the higher authorities strictly forbids all secondary and primary school teachers, students and toddlers to join Catholic or Protestant churches.”

    Maria, a Christian mother, revealed that parents received a message from a school teacher “asking us not to bring children to the church.” She added that a church-run summer camp in the Bameng Diocese of Wuhai was shut down and the young participants were sent home.

    “The move by the authorities is unnecessary. Even if they are not allowed to go to church, we parents can pass on our religious belief to our kids at home,” she said.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping announced last year of plans to make citizens follow the religion controlled by the Communist Party, which is atheism. Since then, the crackdown on Christianity has been blatant and violent.

    In an interview with Mail Online, William Nee, researcher for Amnesty International, said there is no substantial report as to how many are affected by this latest persecution of Christians.

    “China is in the midst of a religious revival and the current government seems concerned that religion could be a means through which foreign values may ‘penetrate’ into China and ultimately affect political stability,” he explained.

    Nee added that the Chinese leader sees religious activities as a hindrance in the implementation of the public education system. Lessons in faith-based activities might be contrary to what the government wants children to learn. Minors might challenge the ideas being taught in government-controlled schools.

    “President Xi Jinping also re-emphasized the need for Communist Party cadres to be strict Marxist atheists, and not to find values or beliefs in religion,” Nee said.

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