December6 , 2022

    Brennley Brown’s Faith Shines on Hit TV Show The Voice


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    The music industry is not the best place to find positive female role models. In fact, it’s hard not to fall for the idea that depravity and raunch rule in the modern popular music culture. This is why Brennley Brown stands out, shining the light of her faith like a city on a hill.

    The popular show has over 13 million viewers. Country music-loving and God-fearing Brennley was one in 46,000 who auditioned.

    At only 14, Brennley was one of the youngest artists to perform on the 12th season of The Voice, an Emmy-winning reality television show widely known for uncovering new singing talent.

    The popular show has over 13 million viewers. Country music-loving and God-fearing Brennley was one in 46,000 who auditioned. She advanced to the “Blind Auditions” which are based solely on the artist’s voice. If one of the coaches—Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine — is impressed, he or she will push a button to select the artist for their team and the coach’s chair will swivel so they can face who they selected. Shelton and Keys both turned their chairs securing Brennley’s spot on the popular show.

    “A lot of excitement and nerves were tied that day, but I grounded myself in my faith and gave it my all. It’s one of those life moments where you just have to go for it and I’m so glad I did. I told myself I’d be grateful for any chair to turn,” said Brown, now 15.

    Brown spent her early childhood years on a ranch in Apple Valley, CA and was introduced to her love of country music at the age of 6. She told The Voice judges her musical inspirations growing up were Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, the Highwaymen and Faith Hill.

    Week after week, Brennley received enough votes from fans across the nation to keep her in the competition. But that changed when eight remaining artists was cut in half and Brennley found herself singing for a save and the last remaining spot. After the votes came in, her run on the show was over, finishing in the top 6.

    I had the honor of interviewing Brennley after she helped lead worship at Redeemer Church in her hometown.

    Singer Brennley Brown with Southern California Christian Voice Editor, Beckie Lindsey

    How has your faith in God influenced your singing journey?

    “You know, I think throughout my whole life, I’ve always had a relationship with God that comes first. My parents have made it clear: God needs to come first. Through my singing, my goal is sharing that message—through any song I sing, about God’s love and how powerful God is. Trying to share Him in a way where, without even a word, people can see Him in us. He’s just carried me throughout this industry and I’m grateful for that.

    What helps you stay grounded in the music industry?

    My church family and singing on the worship team. My parents have taught me to put Him first. School is very important. I have one really close friend that is just a beautiful soul. We talk regularly and pray together. I think that’s how I stay grounded.

    Do you have a favorite Bible verse or book of the Bible?

    I do a devotion every single day with my mom and on my own. It’s so crazy how God works, especially through this process on The Voice. I’d read a devotion on the day of a performance and it was like God was saying, ‘Here you go.’ It was the perfect verse to help me. I love the book of Psalms. That’s definitely my favorite. I know a lot of people like that one too.

    As a role model for young girls, how would you encourage them (especially Christians) to go for their dreams while staying true to their faith?

    Trust God with your whole heart. Know that He has the perfect plan for you. Don’t rely on yourself or worry about what you can do, but let Him do the work in your life. Trust Him and pray for His will. And right now, the world needs love. I think sharing a message of hope and encouragement is what we need now. I would say just be yourself. Let God shine through you in anything you do. I would say God has given each of us a gift to use for His glory. Use whatever gift He’s given you. And God will show you what that gift is.

    Never give up. Before the Voice, I was going through a time where I didn’t think I could do it. I genuinely thought I should just focus on school and not worry about the singing even though it’s what I wanted so badly, ya know. Just praying for God’s will and trusting Him. He had the perfect timing and I now know that. Looking back, I didn’t know that. I didn’t see what God was going to do. But I’m very grateful.

    Never give up. Believe in yourself. Trust God.

    What’s the most exciting memory fro