March21 , 2023

    A 4th of July Prayer for our Nation


    Regent Students Choose God During Spring Break

    Regent University in Virginia experienced the call of the Holy Spirit during an outpouring of spiritual renewal.

    Asbury Revival Spreads to Other Christian Universities

    As Asbury University closes revival services to the general public, the nonstop worship phenomenon has reached other universities in the U.S.

    Asbury Revival Attracts Thousands, Moves Services Off Campus

    The small town of Wilmore, Kentucky suddenly became host to an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 people who joined the Asbury Revival.

    Samaritan’s Purse Delivers 200 Millionth Shoebox Gift

    Samaritan's Purse reached a new milestone in delivering its 200 millionth shoebox.

    Over 7,000 Came to Jesus in 3 Weeks of Winter Jam 2023

    More than 7,000 people surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ in just three weeks of Winter Jam 2023.


    We the People of the United States

    Thank you, God, the Creator of the Universe, and all things, for our freedoms and responsibilities as citizens of the United States of America. As we celebrate our nation’s freedom,
    we celebrate You and seek Your blessings and Your will for our country.

    in order to form a more perfect Union,

    We pray for unity amongst all people, beginning with those who call you Lord.
    We thank you for the blessing of your church who is one with You and Christ Jesus.
    Where we have been divided as a nation, we pray for healing.

    establish Justice,

    We thank you, God, for the justice system of this nation and pray for all those who serve in any capacity, from the Supreme Court to the state courts. We pray for truth and godly wisdom.

    insure domestic Tranquility,

    Thank you for Your peace that surpasses all understanding, God.
    Please continue to work Your peace and love through the church and throughout our nation.

    provide common defense,

    God, we thank you for our military, police officers, and their families.
    We pray for our military leaders and the defense of our nation.

    promote the general Welfare,

    We thank you for our government that promotes good for all people. We pray for wisdom for our leaders and lawmakers to establish government policies that ensure justice for all.

    and secure the Blessings of Liberty,

    We thank you for the liberty to pursue happiness that our founding Father’s ascribed as being aligned with the laws of nature and nature’s God. We pray for the protection and restoration of
    the inalienable rights of our Declaration, protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    to ourselves

    Thank you, God, for each citizen of the United States.
    We pray for a softening of hearts as our nation returns to God.

    and our Posterity

    Lord, we thank you for our children, born and unborn. We pray for your protection over all. We lift up our education system and teachers. We pray for godly instructors who seek Your wisdom to teach our children. May our children become equipped as they grow into adults
    to shine Your light and help lead this nation.

    do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    We thank you, Father, for the United States of America and Her prosperity, freedom,
    and peace in which we have been blessed for many years.

    Quell the doubts, fears, and division in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, bringing justice where evil schemes have been contrived. We pray for our enemies and those who are lost in darkness without You. Help them to see the light and love of Christ through the hands and feet of your church, leading them to salvation. We pray for revival in our country.

    All power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor
    and glory and praise to Jesus Christ in whose name we pray.

    Amen and Amen!