Join us for a wonderful women’s event to talk on how important it is to understand and deal with Mental Health. We are inviting women from all walks of life who may be interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding on social justice issues in Mental Health. This is a great opportunity for women to learn about how to help in removing the stigma that prevents mental health conversations to be heard.

Especially in the community of minorities where there are limited resources that prevents help in how manage and deal with Mental Illness. Mental illness affects many people of diverse backgrounds it has no face, name, language or gender because it can affect anyone. Yet for women in lower income communities it tends to be a problem that needs to be addressed because of limited access to healthcare and community support.

So please join us as we explore how to De-Stigmatize Mental Health.                                                                  Lunch will be provided

May 12, 2018





Miami Workers Center

745 NW 54th street

Miami, Florida 33127

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